​​Woman's Club of Lacey, Inc. 

P. O. Box 777, Forked River, New Jersey 08731

A non-profit service organization

Dear Members,

I am so very honored to be serving the Woman’s Club of Lacey as president for the next two years. As I enter my sixth year as a club member, I reflect on all that I have experienced.  

New in 2013, I was on the fringes, not participating fully nor “getting” the vision and camaraderie of the membership. As I became more involved with events and served on the board, I started building bonds with other members and soon friendships which I value greatly.

We are all part of a great club which is part of larger and larger divisions: Shore, state; national and international. We have a lot to feel good about. Our new state president, Mary Wolfe, has given us a motto: “a proud legacy ~ a shining future”.

This motto is so appropriate for our club. So many wonderful women have served here in Lacey before us, many who will be greatly missed.  We are proud of them and their contributions.

The future is up to us – collectively and as individuals. As we move in the direction of increased involvement in our community through our Community Service Programs, the Woman’s Club of Lacey expands its mission: “dedicated to pursue with diligence the best life for our home and community.”  We look forward to a truly shining future.

In service and friendship to each of you,

Lori Vircillo


President's Message